GO HOME: Occupy London Protesters Lose Drawn Out Eviction Trial

Occupy London protesters lost their legal fight today to maintain their protest camp outside London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, reports the Telegraph.

The protest camp, which has been in place for three months, was served with eviction notices in November. Now, it is reported that if the camp fails to clear out bailiffs and police may be brought in to remove the tents.

According to the Telegraph, the protesters were told by the Royal Courts of Justice that they had the right to protest. However that right did not entitle them to set up a semi-permanent camp site or block a public highway.

Following the result of the hearing, the protesters’ opinion was voiced via the movement’s twitter account. A series of tweets condemned the court’s ruling and mulled over what to do next:

occupy london twitter


occupy london twitter

According to the protesters’ Twitter account, a large number are in favour of staying and resisting the eviction. The idea of moving locations, perhaps camping out in front of the London Stock Exchange, has also been mooted.

It has been reported that the decision will likely be appealed.