Cringeworthy Make-Out Ad Leads To Go Daddy's Best Sales Day Ever

bar refaeli go daddy super bowl ad 2013

Go Daddy’s “Perfect Match” Super Bowl spot, in which viewers watched Bar Refaeli make out with a tech nerd at an uncomfortably close angle, might have come in last place in USA Today’s Ad Meter, but the commercial managed to win the company its single best sales day ever.

Go Daddy told Mashable that the Monday after the Super Bowl, hosting sales were up 45 per cent, new mobile customers increased by 35 per cent, and the Dot-com domain sales were up 40 per cent.

But the famously scandalous advertiser is used to record numbers following its often-controversial commercials. 

In 2011, Go Daddy experienced its largest traffic increase following the Super Bowl ever. Nielsen measured that experienced a 41 per cent increase in unique U.S. visitors the week after the Super Bowl when compared to the week before the game.

Watch the ad below:

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