Danica Patrick Could Be Making A Comeback For Go Daddy's 2013 Super Bowl Ads

go daddy girlThe current GoDaddy girl.

Although Danica Patrick has been noticeably absent from Go Daddy’s new re-branding commercials, she might make an appearance in the company’s 2013 Super Bowl spots.”We are working on the fourth quarter work now,” Val DiFebo, Deutsch New York’s CEO, told Business Insider, “and exploring that option [to include Patrick], if there’s a way to do that.”

DiFebo explained, “She is obviously associated with the brand and the Super Bowl.”

The Go Daddy founders first met Donny Deutsch years ago on his show “The Big Idea.” When they realised that the company had to transition from adolescence to adulthood, the founders decided to give Deutsch a call.

Although the agency is now in the midst of creating Go Daddy’s Super Bowl content, DiFebo explained that she wasn’t sure how she felt about working with the company when first approached.

“They were always at the bottom of the USA today poll, and people had a lot of terrible things to say about the way they used women,” she said.

But, after listening to the pitch and further thought, DiFebo said she realised Go Daddy was ready to move beyond the hot girl, borderline inappropriate image, and grow-up into a fully realised and respected tech company.

Deutsch NY was enlisted to mature Go Daddy’s image from scantily clad women towards more content driven work. Patrick, synonymous with the Go Daddy name, was left out of the first few ads, although the new spots still show a lot of skin.

“The brand is evolving,” said DiFebo “and it can’t be ignored that they built a lot of brand equity through their past campaigns … even Deutsch would be crazy to completely ignore what is working.”

Deutsch knows the girls will go away someday, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

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