GM's New Board Filled With Fix-It Experts

GM electric

Pennsylvania’s unexpected central solar power. [Treehugger]

Peak oil and tar sands projects from 1930. [Energy Source]

Utilities spent $12 million in lobbying for the second quarter of 2009. [Greenwire]

GM’s new board filled with fix-it experts. [WSJ]

How much carbon is absorb by a tree? It will matter in a cap and trade world. [WSJ]

Figure out your water footprint. [Infrastructurist]

The civil war on the left over cap and trade. [Master Resource]

China’s protectionism will hurt German wind exports. [Bloomberg]

MEMC earnings collapse 96%, but beats estimates. [Green Stocks]

The only two graphs you need to understand energy subsidies. [Green History]

Nuclear power costs aren’t out of control, bad decisions are. [Atomic Insights]

GE wants more things in the climate bill to help its businesses. [Reuters]

Utility calls for an overhaul of the electric grid. [Reuters]


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