Here's Your First Look At Gmail's Overhauled App On iPhones And iPads


When Google first released its Gmail app on iPhones and iPads, it was fraught with problems.

Google pushed out a quick fix, but the app was still missing key features like a unified inbox for multiple accounts.

An update to version 2.0 released today aims to fix all that, addressing common complaints and adding features we would’ve loved to see the first time around.

It offers support for multiple accounts, improved search functionality, and even Google Calendar integration.

Gmail is a free download for iPhones and iPads.

Tap the icon to launch the app

Log in with your credentials

Upon confirmation, you get a tour of the new features

The app now supports more than one account

Search, a feature that was pretty terrible before, has been improved

It's been integrated with your Google Calendar

And it supports attachments as well

Here we are at our inbox

A tap on the menu brings up all the options and navigation you'd expect

Here's where we could add more accounts if we wanted

Enough of that, let's compose an email

It auto completes the email address as you type it

And here comes the reply. Tap it to read it

And here's the reply

At this point we can reply or forward the message as we see fit

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