Update: GMail appears to be back up.

Earlier: is down.

People are panicking on Twitter. Very few of them seem to know that they can easily check their gmail even while the service is down. (Click right here to find out how.)

Says Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar: “Gmail being down puts Twitter being down into perspective.”

AgencySpy: “I think gmail is down, which sort of ends my life. sort of.”

Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan: “closing twitter cause i’m not going to see anything but “gmail is down” tweets for the next half hour”

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler: “My question: will talk of gmail going down bring down twitter?”

Twitter funny person Nick Douglas: “”No results for Gmail,” Twitter Search tells me. Yeah, THAT’S THE PROBLEM.”

SAI’s Dan Frommer: “Sure wish I could get my email back!”

The Awl’s Alex Balk: “This is what happens when you let a SOCIALIST PRESIDENT control the Internet!”

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