GM Working On More Hybrids Than Just The Volt

Thus far, GM’s hybrid work has been pretty weak to say the least. With the new reviatlized General Motors, the company is aiming to change all that.

While all the hype is focused on the plug-in hybrid Volt, the company is also quietly toiling away to improve its regular hybrids, Chevy manger Ed Peper tells GM-Volt:

“What we are trying to work towards is ‘Yes,’ we will have other hybrid vehicles (besides the Volt) but we are trying to work towards a dedicated hybrid,” he said. “We think that’s probably a better way for us to go longer term.”

“I think when we bring out a hybrid, and I think its very important, we’ve got to make sure it has significantly better fuel economy than a non-hybrid,” said Peper.

GM’s previous experiment with a hybrid sedan was a disaster. The company tried selling a hybrid Malibu which cost $4,000 more than the regular version and only got a few more miles per gallon.

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