GM: Startups Aren't Better At Making Electric Cars Than We Are

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There’s no reason to think that pishers like Tesla and Fisker are going to be better at making electric cars than GM. At least not in GM’s opinion, anyway.

Frank Weber, GM’s Global Electric Vehicle Development Executive, took to the blogosphere to defend his company against attacks being lobbed its way from people like Elon Musk, and Dave Letterman.

Gas 2.0: There seems to be in the minds of many some sort of inherent conflict between being a large, traditional automaker and the ability to develop cars of the future.

I couldn’t disagree more with that sentiment, and GM is on a mission to prove it.

…At GM, we have a level of product research, testing and development as well as a supplier network that is unmatched. When you consider the very real distribution, volume and quality issues some of the smaller start-ups have experienced, it’s hard for me to see how they are better equipped than us to deliver the volumes necessary for real change.

From a production perspective, we agree that GM is going to be able to blow the doors off Tesla and Fisker, at least in the short term. The argument isn’t about the ability to produce cars. It never was.

The mentality of automakers is the problem. American automakers haven’t been leaders in anything aside from producing oversized gas guzzlers. Companies like Tesla and Fisker might not crack the mass market, but they’re approaching a problem with single minded enthusiasm that GM never seemed able to muster.

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