This Is The Presentation GM Used To Sell Its IPO


Photo: Retail Road Show

Note: With the GM IPO today, we’re republishing the roadshow presentation they’ve used to sell the stock to investors. GM makes a strong argument: they’ve used the restructuring period to reposition their company in North America and emerging markets (the BRICs are what they’ve focused on).

Not only that, but the company has also aggressively cut costs along its assembly line in a effort to slim losses during cyclical downturns.

Here are the three key ideas behind the new GM.

The new Buicks, an example of a brand being rebuilt.

It all starts with building the best vehicles.

And here are three examples of those vehicle successes.

GM's U.S. market share has bounced back.

But it's not just about the cars...

GM is refocusing on EM, with the BRICs at the centre of its scope.

And that's where the company is seeing massive growth potential.

And it's already beating its rivals.

China alone offers great potential, even though it is the top car consumer already.

Product launches will swell in 2012, particularly in BRIC.

So we've got new models, and new markets, but what is going to really help?

GM used to struggle with the cyclical nature of the car market.

Costs were simply too high and too sticky at the bottom of the market.

Costs have been trimmed, dramatically.

Now GM functions at mid and high cycle.

The company also intends to pay down debt and not get into pension problems again.

Those are GMs three selling points: New, better cars, new, better markets, and new, lower costs.

Here's a little more detail on GM under GAAP.

Don't think the Chevy Volt doesn't have competition.

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