With Market Cap Below 1929 Levels, GM Chief Goes On YouTube

Everyone is taking note this morning of the fact that GM’s market cap is now below where it was in 1929. Yep, nearly 80 years of progress down the drain. What’s GM doing to reverse this sad state of affairs? CNBC lets us know that he’s been going on YouTube. Specifically, Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner has cut a clip for the site, talking up all the bold steps being taken to turn things around (Short version: we have a lot of legacy issues, but.. alternative energy, and international!). Unfortunately, it’s a little bit — how shall we say it? — dry. We like substantive talk, but this 2:50 minute clip has no hope of going viral. Therere aren’t even any comments, last time we checked.

GM clearly needs to spice things up a bit. It’d be a terrible example to set to our youth, but how about a clip of Wagoner “Ghostridin’ the whip”. Perhaps he could be the first person to ghostride the electricity-powered Chevy Volt. The clip below is intended for inspiration only and you should not try this at home.

Nobody was doing that in 1929

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