Syracuse Basketball Sexual Abuse Accusers Hired Gloria Allred, Will File Defamation Suit Against Boeheim

gloria allred

After Bobby Davis and Mike Lang accused Bernie Fine of alleged child molestation, head coach Jim Boeheim came out and vehemently defended his former assistant coach and said:

“This is alleged to have occurred … what? 20 years ago? Am I in the right neighbourhood? It might be 26 years ago? So, we are supposed to what? Stop the presses 26 years later? For a false allegation? For what I absolutely believe is a false allegation? I know he’s lying about me seeing him in his hotel room. That’s a lie. If he’s going to tell one lie, I’m sure there’s a few more of them.”

Boeheim also said Davis and Lang were just looking for money. Later, the head coach regretted, and apologized for his statements, but that was not enough.

Davis and Lang have hired famous discrimination attorney, Gloria Allred, and are suing both Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University for defamation (SU is included in the lawsuit because Boeheim is an employee).

Davis said at a press conference:

“The coach has seriously hurt my reputation but I want people to know the truth.”

Allred says they are seeking compensations for damages from Boeheim’s statements. When someone asked if she thought Boeheim should be fired, Allred responded:

“That’s for the university to decide.”

Because the statute of limitations has passed, a criminal suit cannot be filed, but Syracuse DA William Fitzpatrick says Davis and Lang’s stories are credible.

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