Glock Gun Empire Rocked By $US500 Million Lawsuit From Founder's Ex-Wife

Glock Handgun APA Glock G42, .380 calibre Auto hand gun on display at a 2014 trade show in Las Vegas.

The founder of one of the world’s largest gun companies, GLOCK, Inc., is being sued by his former wife for $US500 million for allegedly engaging in “a multiple-decade, virtually-world-wide, continuing racketeering scheme.”

According to a complaint filed in federal court in Atlanta on Thursday, Helga Glock is suing her ex-husband, Gaston Glock, 13 different companies, and four of his business associates. The complaint alleges the main goals of the defendants’ “scheme” were to “siphon, divert, and hide monies and assets away from the view and reach of Ms. Glock.”

GLOCK’s US operations are headquartered in Georgia. The company’s legal department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider on Thursday.

The complaint says the Glocks, who married in 1958 and divorced in 2011, “co-founded” the gun business in 1963.

A nasty legal battle between the Glocks has been brewing for some time. In March of last year, Helga Glock and her attorneys filed a motion in a federal court in Georgia to compel some of Glock’s companies to release documents they hoped would reveal details about his finances. In the course of that lawsuit, Helga Glock provided a sworn affidavit in which she accused him of having an affair with Katrin Tschikof, whom he subsequently married.

Helga Glock’s complaint filed on Thursday is over 350 pages long and accuses Gaston and the other defendants of “hundreds of violations of the Federal mail fraud, wire fraud, national stolen property, and money laundering statutes.” In addition to these alleged crimes, the complaint accuses Gaston of treating his immediate family members in a manner reminiscent of “the senseless and self-destructive rage of Shakespeare’s King Lear.”

The complaint also makes scandalous claims about what Gaston did with the money he allegedly diverted from Helga. It says he “used his personal stash of ‘fun money’ to cavort with women around the world” and provide lavish gifts for his new wife, including a $US15 million show horse.

Business Insider is currently reviewing the court documents and this post will be continuously updated.

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