Is The Economy Recovering, Or Is Bernanke Blowing The Mother Of All Global Bubbles?

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If you haven’t been paying attention, or are only paying attention to the US market you may have missed something: markets are screaming higher all over the world, with many risk assets hitting all-time historical highs.

And so the question is: Is the economy really recovering all over the world, or is it merely cheap money from the Fed that’s rushing headlong into commodities and stocks, particularly of the emerging market variety. After all, in places like Turkey, Thailand, India, and Indonesia, markets are going berserk.

So just to give you a quick snapshot of what’s going on, we’ve assembled some wildly bubbly-looking charts.

Cotton prices are at all-time highs

Bombay Stock Exchange going nuts

Gold (no comment needed)

Silver (no comment needed)

Wheat has exploded higher (though it's still well off its pre-crisis highs)

Thailand... what strife?

Shanghai Composite going parabolic lately

Turkey is incredibly strong

Indonesia, same story

Brazil breaking out to new highs

Russia, again, same story

Soybean prices are surging

Copper near all-time highs again

South Korea has totally put the recession behind it

Palladium, all time highs

Hong Kong is nearly back to old highs

And in the US the NASDAQ is surging

Now for some historical perspective...

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