The 11 housing markets where prices are rising at the fastest pace in the world

Global Property Guide’s latest house price tracker is out for Q2, recording where house prices are surging and where they’re slumping all around the world.

You might be surprised by some of the places that do and don’t make it into the rankings. The UK, for example, doesn’t even make it into the top 14.

All the figures we’ve included are year-on-year, so the change in prices from the end of the second quarter (April-June) in 2014 up to the same period this year.

Scroll down for the list.

11. Indonesia: +5.24%. Prices in Jakarta, Indonesia's mammoth capital, have more than doubled since the end of the financial crisis.


10. United States: +5.39%. Not only have US prices risen, since the dollar has too, the price growth is even higher for international buyers.

Afton Almaraz/Getty

7. Japan (Tokyo): +6.54%. House prices in Japan went through more than a decade of decline and stagnation, but the country is making efforts to re-inflate the market.

Wikipedia, Morio

5. Iceland: +7.84%. Iceland is one of the countries that saw a major house price slump during the financial crisis.

Facebook/Inspired by Iceland

2. Ireland: +10.7%. The country that recorded one of the world's biggest housing crashes during the crisis is back in business, and prices are exploding again.

Donaldytong, Wikipedia

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