Global Manufacturing Growth Barely Changed In January

Global pmiMarkit EconomicsThe UK remains the global leader in PMI despite a slowdown in January.

PMI day is over.

Countries from around the world reported about how their manufacturing sectors performed in January.

This was measured in their purchasing manager’s index (PMI), a score created by Markit Economics that surveys executives in thousands of companies from the given country.

The surveys also contain data about employment, new orders and productivity.

We basically got a straight split down the middle between countries reporting accelerating growth, and those slowing or contracting further.

Here is the full scorecard and schedule.

China: Official PMI: 50.5 — down from 51.

China: Non-manufacturing PMI: 53.4, down from 54.6.

South Korea: HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 50.9 — up from 50.8.
Indonesia: HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 51.0 — up from 50.9.

India: HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 51.4, up from 50.7.

HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 48.0, down from 48.8.

Ireland: Investec Manufacturing PMI: 52.8, down from 53.5.

Netherlands: NEVI Manufacturing PMI: 54.8, down from 57.0

HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 55.4, up from 53.2.

HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 52.7, down from 55.0

Spain: Markit Manufacturing PMI: 52.2, up from 50.8.

Czech Republic:
HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 55.9, up from 54.7

Italy: Markit/ADACI Manufacturing PMI: 53.1, down from 53.3.

France: Markit Manufacturing PMI: 49.3, up from 47.0.

Germany: Markit/BME Manufacturing PMI: 56.5, up from 54.3.

Eurozone: Markit Manufacturing PMI: 54.0, up from 52.7.

Greece: Markit Manufacturing PMI: 51.2, up from 49.6.

UK: Markit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI: 56.7, down from 57.2.

Australia: Ai Group PMI: 46.7, down from 47.6

Brazil: HSBC Manufacturing PMI: 50.8, up from 50.5.

U.S.: Markit Manufacturing PMI: 53.8, down from 55.

Canada: RBC Manufacturing PMI: 51.7, down from 53.5.

Global: JPMorgan Manufacturing PMI: 52.9, down from 53.0.

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