Here’s what the $294 trillion market of global financial assets looks like

So, how big is the global market for financial assets? We’re talking about stocks, bonds, and all of the various securities in between you can invest in.

Deutsche Bank’s Sanjeev Sanyal estimates the value of the whole market to be around $US294 trillion.

It includes a $US69 trillion stock market. The rest includes bonds and other sorts of fixed-income-type securities. The $US58 billion public debt securities market includes government bonds.

“We found that the stock of world’s financial assets continued to grow in 2014 but fell slightly as a percentage of global GDP,” Sanyal wrote in a massive note “Mapping the World’s Financial Markets.”

“Investors will not be surprised to hear that fund flows to developed country equity and bond funds did much better than those to emerging markets in 2014; the trend seems to have extended into 2015,” he explained. “Importantly, the increase in the stock of global financial assets has not helped the volume of turnover in equity and bond markets which remain below the 2011 peak. The trading volumes of most derivatives also remain subdued.”

Global financial assets

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