Apple’s New iPhone Could Put It At The centre Of A ‘Thermonuclear’ Patent War

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Steve Jobs once said to his biographer, “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product.”He was so livid at Google he said he’d go to “thermonuclear war” over patents, Above the Law has reported.

Jobs threatened the all-out intellectual property war after Apple sued Taiwan’s HTC Corp. in 2011, and his sentiment could well come true, according to ATL.

Samsung vs. Apple

The Sept. 12 launch of the iPhone 5 raised a number of IP questions, mostly involving Samsung, which so famously lost a patent battle with Apple in late August. The South Korean giant announced, in a media briefing two weeks ago, that it was preparing “all measures for all scenarios,” according to The Korea Times. 

One of these scenarios could very well be a lawsuit over Apple’s alleged use of Samsung-patented technology in its new phone. Industry sources told The Korea Times on Sept. 10 that Samsung “has decided to take immediate legal action,” and Europe and the U.S. “are our primary targets.” 

Samsung did not comment on the rumours.

The South Korean company, however, is not the only one with its eye on Apple.

Goophone I5 vs. Apple

Yes, you read it right. That is Goophone (capital “i”) 5. It looks like the iPhone 5, and it has the same round corners. But the Goophone is a bit taller, (we are not sure if that makes it revolutionary, but bigger is always better, right?) Check it out at its website.

While people were busy waiting for the release of the smaller iPhone 5, Goophone announced its I5 and, reportedly, even patented it. Tech blog Gizchina even speculated that the makers of the Goophone might sue Apple over the technology.

The Rest

In early July, a Chinese chemical company called Jiangsu Xuebao opened a case against Apple, claiming trademark infringements on its “Snow Leopard” operating system. The firm does not own the trademark “Snow Leopard,” but the translation of the name: “Xuenbao,” according to CBS News. 

Also in July, a university in Taiwan filed a patent infringement suit over Apple’s Siri voice recognition technology, Reuters reported. 

Looking at all this litigation against Apple, the iPhone 5 might as well have a bullseye on its glass back cover, but an apple would do too.

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