Glenn Beck: Egypt Doesn't Hate Our Freedom, They Wish America Stood For Freedom

Glenn Beck

Apparently Glenn Beck‘s Egypt explanation yesterday was enough to get his usual Friday session on the O’Reilly Factor booted up to last night.

Beck again placed blame for the current situation in Egypt on America’s interventionist policies, and record of propping up brutal dictators that are favourable to us.

“This is the one thing I think everybody gets wrong about the United States. They always say, ‘Why do they hate United States?’  Bush used to say, ‘They hate our freedom.’ No they don’t… They envy our freedom and they wish we stood for freedom.”

“We didn’t do these kinds of things before the progressive movement. George Washington said, ‘Stay out of other people’s business.'”

So what is his solution?

“Be Switzerland,” meaning that we should stay out of the affairs of other countries.

Bill O’Reilly was less than enthusiastic about Beck’s view and challenged him on his philosophy, saying we did try to be isolationist once before… in the 1930’s, and the result was World War II. And if we just sit this one out, the Jihad movement will still come after us.

* Beck’s views are worth noting on this, not so much because they strike a tone not at all consistent with what viewers are accustomed to hearing on Fox News (though there is that — cf. O’Reilly’s reaction) but because over the last year he has essentially turned his powerhouse show into an extended ‘history’ lesson.  Meaning, a whole lot of people in the nation are understanding these uprisings in the Mid East through his eyes and the historical ‘context’ he provides.  Take from that what you will. [GM]  Video below.


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