Exclusive Interview: Glenn Beck On The Future Of Television

Want to see the future of television, today? Watch what Glenn Beck is doing.

Earlier this year, Beck left his post at Fox News Channel and started his own show, Glenn Beck TV. It’s not on a major network — it is a network, sold directly to consumers, and streamed over the Internet, via the Roku box, laptops, tablets, etc.

Beck’s studio and camera angles look just as good as any well-produced show, but the business model is potentially revolutionary. If it works — Beck had already signed up more than 200,000 subscribers before he launched — Beck will not only own the proceeds of his show, but also the platform it runs on, something that most TV hosts are nowhere near being able to say.

Whether you love Beck’s message or not, he understands where the future of TV is going. Watch our exclusive interview, hosted by Glynnis MacNicol:

Produced by Kamelia Angelova, Robert Libetti, and Dan Frommer

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