Glenn Beck Is Apparently The Only Person On The Planet Who Doesn't Hate Spider-Man


Photo: NYT

Wow.The gloves are apparently off when it comes to reviewing Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.  And it is bloody.

Both the New York Times and the New York Post are among many papers running reviews of the beleaguered musical today despite the fact it is still in previews. 

The Post included this note:

After nearly 70 previews and five delayed openings, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” has moved its official opening to March 15. Given the flurry of celebrity endorsements and booming, full-price ticket sales — and the producers’ confirmation that the score and ending are finally in place — The Post believes it’s time our readers know what to expect. And so our chief theatre critic is honouring the show’s last official opening date, which was last night.

And the Ben Brantley in the NYT said this:Spider-Man” doesn’t officially open until March 15; at least that’s the last date I heard. But since this show was looking as if it might settle into being an unending work in progress — with Ms. Taymor playing Michelangelo to her notion of a Sistine Chapel on Broadway — my editors and I decided I might as well check out “Spider-Man” around Monday, the night it was supposed to have opened before its latest postponement.

Then it got nasty.  More from the Times:

The sheer ineptitude of this show, inspired by the Spider-Man comic books, loses its shock value early. After 15 or 20 minutes, the central question you keep asking yourself is likely to change from “How can $65 million look so cheap?” to “How long before I’m out of here?”…from what I saw on Saturday night, “Spider-Man” is so grievously broken in every respect that it is beyond repair.

And those are only two of 11 reviews that were pubbed today, most of which hewed to a similar tone and, it should be noted, echoed Richard Lawson’s Gawker review from December.  Needless to say the producers are not happy: “”This pile-on by the critics is a huge disappointment.”

Indeed.  Well at least they have Glenn Beck

Beck, who has devoted significant time on his show to raving about the musical, has now seen it four times

Now, if Beck can do for Broadway what he does for book publishing Spider-Man may not need to lose too much sleep over these reviews.

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