Glenn Beck Releases His Own Line Of US-Made Blue Jeans

1791 denim

Photo: 1791/Screengrab

What do Glenn Beck, Brett Favre, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. all have in common?They all sell jeans.

The conservative pundit, who refused to wear Levis brand jeans last year because their advertisements ‘celebrated’ images of revolutions in the Middle East, has launched his own, “100% made in America” jeans called 1791 Denim. 1791 is the name of the clothing line Beck launched in 2011 inspired by U.S. history. 

The two pairs of jeans currently on sale cost $129.99 a pair — over 10 times what they cost in other countries, and almost twice the cost of a standard pair of Levi’s jeans.

According to Beck’s website, he has been involved  “with the new jeans in every step of the process from the stitching, to the buttons, and to the quality of the rivets.”

The advertisement claims:

“These were the first American blue jeans. The jeans that built America. And they were built in America. Built at a time when things were timeless. A time when you knew things would last. A time when people worked for their dreams and their dreams worked for them.”

However, the first American blue jeans were patented in in 1835 by — you guessed it — Levi Strauss.

Here’s the first ad:

Announcing 1791 Denim from 1791 Supply & Co. on Vimeo.

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