FEAR NOT: The World Won’t End Until Glenn Beck Says It Will

Glenn Beck, who earlier this week announced a Restoring Courage rally in Israel saying “God is involved in man’s affairs, but so is the force of darkness,” and that the “very gates of hell” would oppose his attempts to hold the rally, thinks it’s silly to believe the world is ending tomorrow.

Beck devoted the first five minutes of his show today to explaining why the world is not ending tomorrow (the bible says no one will know the day).  After which he introduced a panel of experts to confirm this.

Then he spent most of the rest of his show discussing his Israel rally.

Somewhat ironic side-note: The reason evangelical Christians (Beck is a Mormon) are so fixated on Israel is because they believe that following Armageddon — during which all the disbelievers perish violently — it’s where Jesus will appear to lead his Christan followers into Heaven.  Armageddon follows the Rapture, which is scheduled for tomorrow

Have a nice weekend.