Lawrence O'Donnell: Glenn Beck Is A Smoke Screen For Bill O'Reilly

Lawrence O'Donnell

Apparently Lawrence O’Donnell, who has been struggling in the ratings of late, wants in on some of the O’Reilly infighting action.

O’Donnell began a segment last night by pondering whether anyone else sometimes gets the sense Glenn Beck is a smokescreen for Bill O’Reilly?


Actually is sort of sounds like O’Donnell is suggesting Beck is a Overton Window for O’Reilly.

Here’s why.

In an interview with Dick Morris last week, Bill O’Reilly commented on an answer he got from Obama during his Super Bowl interview about the Muslim Brotherhood:

“The president wouldn’t basically define how he sees the Muslim Brotherhood. We would not do it. He said they are strains of anti-Americanism in it, but that sounds like MSNBC: there are strains of anti-Americanism over there.”

According to Lawrence O’Donnell, O’Reilly was accusing MSNBC of being “anti-American,” though it sounded more like O’Reilly was doing an impression of something he thinks MSNBC might say.

Still, O’Donnell responded by calling O’Reilly a liar and an opportunist.

“So O’Reilly tells the lie that MSNBC is anti-American and gets a desperate guy, whose public record with prostitutes makes him unemployable anywhere else, to agree with him. And his devoted audience thinks they just learned something, which explains why a University of Maryland study found that Fox News viewers are misinformed more than any other news network viewers. A study that was not the first to reach that conclusion. Now, when I say O’Reilly is lying about this, I’m giving him credit for sometimes being smarter than what he actually says. And on this one, O’Reilly knows better. He knows there’s nothing anti-American going on at this network. But he’s seen the studies about how, shall we say, impressionable his audience is, and he knows that everyone on the fox payroll that appears as a guest on his show will say exactly what he wants them to say.”

O’Donnell then issued a challenge to O’Reilly: Put up or shut up. Find some actual evidence that MSNBC is anti-American, or stop saying it. 

Short version: Help me out with my ratings Bill!  Hey, it worked for Keith Olbermann.

Video below

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