IT’S A NEW ERA: Glenn Beck Tells Bill O’Reilly He’s Only Going To Get Bigger

Beck O'Reilly

Since announcing his departure from his Fox News show, a lot of people have been wondering what Glenn Beck is going to do once he goes.

From what he told Bill O’Reilly last night, it sounds like Beck only has plans to become a bigger force in the media world, though he still remained vague about what he was actually planning on doing.

Beck acknowledged the platform that Fox News had given him, saying “there’s no place to do cable news except for Fox” but he also said “it’s a new era, things are changing in the world,” hinting that he would be held back by staying at Fox.

“We have to reach different audiences, we have to reach younger.”

Beck also explained to O’Reilly, at least partially, why he felt he had to leave.

“Honestly, Bill, one of the motivating factors for me is I believe in the things I say. I know a lot of people  disagree with me and you are one of them who disagrees with me on some of the things I say. But I believe them. So now what? Well, its not enough for me to say, as a citizen, ‘You know what? You go out and help people. You do it.’ Its time for me to do that as well.”

Not being someone who is known for having a low opinion of himself, Beck also said this:

“I think there have been people throughout history who have changed the course of America and not been in the political system, just change the… culture.”

Video below: