GLENN BECK: Something Does Not Smell Right About The Gold Crash

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck

Glenn Beck is making the case that the Boston bombings are a reason to buy gold, notes Buzzfeed’s Dorsey Shaw.

Beck first expresses scepticism toward the recent plunge in prices.

“The only thing I have to fear is the government, quite frankly,” he said. “The government lying to you, the media not telling the truth. I mean, gold is the original gold standard, and something doesn’t smell right. Such a currency of last resort that it’s so unstable that the central banks are buying it up.”

He continued:

“Let’s say this turns out to be a terrorist operation with multiple bombs around the city. The Stock Market tanking, things going awry — wouldn’t this exactly be like how it would happen?”

UPDATE: A Blaze rep reached out to Buzzfeed denying Beck was telling people to buy gold based on the attacks. Read the statement here >

Click here to read the full post on Buzzfeed >

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