Glenn Beck Calls Obama A 'Full-Fledged Woman' And Revokes His Man Card

Glenn Beck

Photo: The Blaze

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck called President Barack Obama a “full-fledged woman” and ceremonially revoked the President’s “man card” for saying in a pre-Super Bowl interview that he’d have to think about letting a son play football.Beck played the clip of Obama’s interview with CBS’ Scott Pelley, interjecting at certain points and saying, “He’s a girl!”

“His man card has been revoked by me!” Beck said. “And that’s saying something. I mean, when I’m saying you’re a girl, you are absolutely, 100 per cent girl power!”

Beck said he likes “guy stuff,” including football, and he’s never heard anybody but a woman express any doubts about letting kids play football.

“Every guy — even me — says relax, OK. We’re not talking about the NFL. We’re talking about our kids playing football,” Beck said.

Watch the segment, entitled “Chick-in-Chief,” below:

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