Glenn Beck calls out Mike Pence for denying Donald Trump's comments at debate: 'Wow, really?!?!?!'

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Conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck on Tuesday night leveled criticism against Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence for denying comments Donald Trump has made over the past year.

“Wow, really?!?!?” Beck rhetorically asked on Facebook. “You WON tonight. You really did well keeping your cool but … really? Trump hasn’t said any of those things?”

Beck continued: “Come on … you and everyone know he said ALL of those things. You claim they are the insult kings? Please. I am so disappointed in you.”

The conservative media mogul, one of the leading members of the Never Trump movement, said he had “always thought” the Indiana governor was “honorable.”

“There are better and acceptable answers, but you chose to simply lie,” Beck wrote. “We are living in a fact free world and it is sad when a man like Mike Pence falls so low.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign also highlighted Pence’s refusal to acknowledge Trump’s comments at the debate when he was confronted with them by Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine. The campaign released a video showing Pence’s denials followed immediately by video of Trump making the comments in questions.

Beck also criticised Kaine for his debate performance, homing in on his “constant interruptions” of the moderator and Pence.

“[W]ith all due respect: SHUT UP!” Beck wrote, comparing the Democratic vice presidential nominee to “one of those little yappy dogs.”

A CNN/ORC instant poll found Pence to be the winner over Kaine. Forty-eight per cent of the 472 registered voters surveyed said Pence emerged as the winner in the face-off against Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine. Forty-two per cent thought the Democratic vice presidential nominee won the political showdown.

Tuesday night’s political duel in Virginia was the only scheduled vice presidential debate of 2016.

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