GLENN BECK: There Are 1600 Ways To Spell Qadaffi...But Obama Didn't Say It Once

Glenn Beck

Fox News cut away from Glenn Beck at 5:15 today to air Obama’s first speech on Libya. 

Meaning, among other things, that Beck had the unusual opportunity (following a short spot by Bret Baier) to provide instant live analysis of the speech.

Naturally it involved a chalkboard.

Suffice to say Beck was not impressed (he was not alone in that regard).

“First of all there are like 1600 ways to spell Qaddafi.  I wish we would agree on one.  No mention of Qadaffi in that statement.  None!  Remember how many times he said Mubarak must leave? No mention!”

Which led Beck to question whether Obama “even knows what his country is anymore.” 

“Who are we?  What are our values?  What is happening?”

All good questions!  Additionally Beck thinks Qadaffi is trying to create chaos.  Also likely true.  Less true is the connection Beck likes to make between the Mid East and the union uprisings.  But there is definitely chaos.

Then Beck showed a video from a “crazy right-wing organisation known for its wild conspiracy theories”….namely PBS (yes he was joking). 

Specifically he showed a clip from Frontline’s excellent special on Egypt from the other night of protesters praying as evidence…that the Muslim Brotherhood really is taking over.   This, by the way, was pretty much the opposite of what the special concluded.  But good I guess that Beck (and subsequently some of his viewers) are watching PBS.

Video below.


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