Guess What Television Show Glenn Beck Says Is The Most Poisonous In America?

Glenn Beck Snooki

Here’s what Glenn Beck didn’t do today: He didn’t address the ad that a group of rabbis ran in the WSJ this morning asking Rupert Murdoch to sanction him.

What he did do was give his own ‘state of the union’ address (of sorts) that maybe was his oblique way of defending himself from the charges because the root of his sound off was essentially ‘everyone should get along’. 

Or in Beck speak: “Unless your goal is to start violence or destroy the Republic, we are not enemies of each other.”

According to Beck “what is going to hold us together” is not Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore is poison. 

I don’t think that most Americans even recognise that some of the things that pass for entertainment are actually poison.

Just in the general? Obviously.

One can only hope that at some future date someone will ask Snooki how she feels about Glenn Beck….because that would be less poisonous than an amusing way to fill 90 seconds.  Video below.




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