It Will Cost You $5000 To See Glenn Beck In Israel

Glenn Beck has just released the travel details for his Restoring Courage rally in Israel this summer.

Apparently a whole lot of people are interested in attending because both the page with the details of the event and the site that will book the event have crashed.  Both are below.

A reader managed to snag a screengrab of the page on Glenn Beck’s site giving the details of the rally as well as one of the tours being offered surrounding the event, which has a $5000 price tage attached to it.

The rally will take place on August 24th at the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount.  The page also warns that “This is an expensive trip.  Please carefully consider all aspects of the trip before purchasing a ticket.”  And: “As with all trips please consider the risks with travelling to that destination.  Do your research.”

The site also notes that, unlike his Restoring honour rally, this event is not a charity event: “A portion of the package price includes a fee that will help defray the costs related to the hosting and production of all Glenn Beck Restoring honour events.  Neither Mercury or Glenn Beck will profit from the sale of any VIP or General Admission tickets.”


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