GET READY: Glenn Beck Reportedly Launching A Web-Based TV Channel

Glenn Beck

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If Roger Ailes pushed Glenn Beck out of Fox News because he was on track to become some sort of rival than this week’s news seem to be proving his worries out.On Monday Beck’s company Mercury Radio Arts announced they were launching a Groupon rival 

Today TVNewser reports the Beck and company are developing a new web-based TV channel called “GBTV.”

No word on what the channel will be used for specifically, but TVNewser also reports Mercury has “filed a trademark on a tagline for the channel: “The Truth Lives Here,” as well as a logo, based on the logo for his “InsiderExtreme” subscription service,” suggesting this might be a extension of that.

However, as Alex Weprin notes, the fact “the trademark applications are limited exclusively to programming delivered via the internet” mean this is not likely to become a cable TV channel (yet).