GLENN BECK IS BACK: A Softer Version Tears Up At The Faith & Freedom Conference

Glenn Beck

Photo: Screengrab

Glenn Beck is back, but you may not recognise him. Accompanied by his trusty blackboard, Beck spoke to a crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C., on Friday, preaching a message of religious devotion, commitment to charity and politics beyond labels.Unlike his Fox News days, Beck steered clear of calling out politicians by name, and he didn’t use any chalk. And by the end of his speech, he was tearing up. 

Beck disappeared from the public eye in 2010 following Fox News’ decision to “transition” his controversial show off the network. The television host utilized the break from public appearances to develop two more lucrative options: launching an online television network, GBTV, and a recently signed $100 million radio contract.

But Beck’s brand of doom-and-gloom warnings remains. “The world will either become incredibly dark, or it will become incredibly light. We cannot remain in the grey,” Beck told the crowd, according to a live video feed from CNN.

As for political labels? Beck has no need for them anymore. He preached supporting leaders for the “content of their character,” and not the parties or ideologies to which they prescribe. 

During his closing, Beck teared up when describing the story of a man during World War II who worked to help save Jews and died in that pursuit, saying passionately, “It only takes one person to save the world.” 

Beck also used the speech to advertise for his three-day “global Tea Party summit,” held in Cowboys Stadium in Texas in July. He is calling the event “Restoring Love.”   

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