BLAZE: Glenn Beck Just Snagged Some More Serious Talent For His Website

Glenn Beck O'Reilly

Now that Glenn Beck‘s reign on Fox is coming to an end, the personality can focus on his plans to hire 50 staffers by the end of the year.

His first choice: Denver Post syndicated columnist David Harsanyi.

Politico reports the ‘libertarian with a small l” will join The Blaze as a columnist and a blogger.

In his first column, he wonders “why isn’t Obama celebrating high oil prices?

Hiring Harsanyi — formerly a member of the Post‘s editorial board — is a solid get for the fledgling site that is steadily building traffic and gained respect from all sides of the media for its impressive take down of James O’Keefe‘s NPR hit video.

Harsanyi will keep his syndication deals with Creators Syndicate and Medianews and says he was drawn to the site in part because of the variety of content options available to him.

“This site has the potential to speak to a huge and wide audience, with the way they approach the web, the mix they have and the content they are putting on,” he said.

While some think Beck wants to compete with the Huffington Post — a perception partially driven by Beck’s hire of former HuffPo CEO Betsy Morgan — he actually wants to battle The New York Times.

He is slowly building a roster of editorial talent to do so and expect more editorial talent to come on board in the near future.