Maybe Glenn Beck Thinks The Egypt Revolution Took Place In Times Square

beck caliphate

I’m not sure how else to explain Glenn Beck‘s rage over the fact that Egypt just managed to stage a mostly peaceful revolution.

For reasons that are entirely unclear (it’s certainly not for ratings!) he is really angry.  At the end of the vid below he calls someone with some connection to the Muslim Brotherhood an ‘evil son of a bitch’ and then tells people who follow him ‘to get the hell out!’

Of America? Or Tahrir Sq. which shows on the screen as Beck says this?  It’s unclear.  But somehow this is connected to another 9/11.

Here’s the thing.  Beck once made a really smart point about the U.S. media reporting on future news, i.e. all speculation, very little fact.  Which is, if I understand it, essentially what he is doing here. 

Egypt has overthrown its government.  Now, despite little evidence to support this, Beck is convinced that Muslim Brotherhood will take over Egypt, and once that happens it’s simply a matter time before they attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

Or something like that.  Future news on this level is simply paranoia.  The short version (again, set against visuals of a celebratory Tahrir Sq.) is that America should be scared of Egypt’s revolution.  Except that so far every aspect of what has oc cured in th last 17 days points to the exact opposite of this.

Maybe Beck is secretly speaking to the leaders of other regimes in the Mid East.  Because they definitely have something to be scared about right now.

For everyone else it’s hard to see the events in Egypt as anything but something to celebrate and support, raising the question: Why is Glenn Beck so scared of being happy?

Vid below.

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