Bill O'Reilly Is Just As sceptical As Everyone Else About Glenn Beck's Caliphate Theory

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Last night, Glenn Beck spoke with Bill O’Reilly about what today’s new in Egypt really means.

And O’Reilly seemed to be more than a little sceptical.

According to Beck, Egypt becoming free means “the end of the western way of life” in parts of the Middle East.

Communists are now going to ultimately bring down the U.S. government after they take down the rest of the Middle East and Europe.

“These things roll like dominoes, even the President said it today, Joe Biden said it today, it’s going to be a domino effect.”¬†

“It will come here. We are the last stop.”

But Bill O’Reilly still couldn’t “see the constituency.”

“What happened over Greece, remember the riots in Greece? That’s the best that the communists can do, is get that kind of riot. Those were all communist riots. Get that. Now, if you couple that with Islamic extremism, which you know you have all over. That’s why Cameron came out. Merkel has come out and yesterday Sarkozy.”

O’Reilly asked if he “firmly believes there is a movement underway to ferment chaos in the streets” of the United States, to which Beck replied:

“Are you kidding me? Absolutely.”

And then he pointed to an organisation called One Nation as the leader of the plot to overthrow the U.S. government.

And just who are they?

“One nation is a combination of the labour unions, the communist organisations, the green movement, there is about 30 different organisations.”

So it is actually labour unions and environmentalists who are secretly plotting behind the scenes to overthrow every government around the world to start a new world order.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly’s (welcome) role of late appears to be calling bullsh*t on the more extreme claims of some of his guests.¬†

Video below

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