Rachel Maddow Needs To Start A Segment Called 'Fact-Checking Glenn Beck'

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Rachel Maddow needs to step up her game.

Last night Maddow spent another segment mocking Glenn Beck‘s now infamous ‘explanation‘ of the Egyptian crisis. 

In case you missed it, the other day Beck ‘explained’ the crisis in Egypt using two blackboards, some smiley faces and the word caliphate (which the whole world subsequently Googled).  Over two shows he warned that this was just the beginning of a Muslim uprising that would reach England and New Zealand that may or may not have ties to Van Jones and the progressives.

So: Pretty typical stuff.  At least where Beck is concerned.

Of course, there is nothing easier in the media than taking a clip of something nutty Glenn Beck has said and then talking about it in overheated and/or mocking tones.  (Expect maybe taking a Sarah Palin tweet and talking about it in overheated and/or mocking tones.)   When it’s done well it’s called The Daily Show.  Otherwise it’s generally just sort of lazy.

Which is why it gets frustrating to see smart people resort to it (you just sort of expect it from Matthews who needs to fill time between presidential debates). 

One of the reasons Beck is so popular is not because half the country is crazy, it’s because half the country is bored and he gives them something to chew on (cf. his Amazon success).  And it’s not like he has a lot of competition in this department.

If you find what he is saying is so crazy and so offensive, and you happen to have, say, your own cable show, isn’t the more useful response to provide an alternative explanation? The one you are so angry he’s perverting.  Or to fact-check him? 

Rachel Maddow is equally as capable of explaining the history of the crisis in Egypt and what it might mean in an equally entertaining fashion as Glenn Beck.  Presumably, her explanation would also have some basis in fact.

If Maddow is really that frustrated with what’s going on across the street at Fox at 5pm (and lately she appears to be!) she should start a segment called ‘Fact-Checking Glenn Beck’ (but more zingy!).  That would be awesome.  And useful.  Also it would probably go viral, which is a lot of the point these days.

Maybe she could even capitalise on some of that caliphate Google trending by explaining why it’s not going to happen   It would certainly be a better use of her time and talents than a ridiculous “Seriously?” segment where she makes fun with spooky faces and a flashlight.




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