FOX Just Bumped Glenn Beck’s Big Israel Special For An Extra Hour Of Bret Baier

Glenn Beck

Further proof there is little love lost between Glenn Beck and Fox.

After pushing his big Israel special week Fox announced earlier this afternoon they were bumping it for a live Special Report from Bret Baier.

Beck show is often taped on Friday’s and it’s not unheard of for FOX to bump it — they did it once during the Egypt crisis and again during Japanese earthquake — but generally speaking the news has to be very big, and happening at that moment.

The government shutdown has been happening all week, and will continue to do so until midnight, so a 5pm preempt is somewhat harder to explain. 

The timing is additionally notable as it follows today’s nice big complimentary profile on Baier from NPR’s David Folkenflik: “Like fellow Fox anchor Shepard Smith, Baier is presented by executives as evidence of the network’s fairness in its news coverage.”  Indeed.

The question remains: Will Beck be back on Monday?

[h/t J$]