The War Of Words On "Glee" Has Derailed A Spinoff -- Will It Destroy The Original Show, Too?

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It’s getting difficult to keep up with the war of words unfolding inside “Glee.”

A few weeks back, show creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer would graduate and leave the show.

Colfer subsequently caused a stir by saying he found out about the development via Twitter.

Now, in yet another vague interview (this one with Deadline), Murphy was clear about one thing:

“So, for any of those actors to say, ‘I found out that I was fired off the show from Twitter,’ is absolutely 100% not true.”

Instead, he maintains, the three were presented with the idea for a spinoff.

It would be shot in Manhattan, set at the Juilliard School (much like we predicted).

But the actors balked, mainly because they didn’t want to leave L.A. — and now the entire project is on hold indefinitely.

Does that mean the three actors will stay on the show forever — no more graduation?

Murphy didn’t really comment on that — just said the spinoff won’t be explored again even in talks until April 2012.

If we had to guess, the famously passionate and stubborn showrunner isn’t going to slash a development he feels strongly about — so if he doesn’t want kids languishing in fake-world high school, then languish they will not.

(Honestly, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Murphy depart “Glee” after this season airs — he’s got other projects in the work, and he doesn’t have much patience for people messing with his vision.)

But if he sticks around — and sticks to his guns on graduation — the actors who felt so tepidly about a spinoff will still be faced with a choice down the line: do it, or find work elsewhere.

Since Murphy blames the actors’ reps for part of this misunderstanding — and since we can only imagine the distaste is mutual — the cast’s agents might be working hard to win their clients other blockbuster projects right now.

So basically, the real question at this point is: who’s going to ditch “Glee” and its copious off-screen drama first? The guy who dreamt it up, or the kids who made it famous?

With Hollywood commodities this hot, the answer might come sooner than you think.

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