11 British companies that give employees a free Macbook

Holiday ExtraGlassdoor/Holiday ExtraA free Macbook makes working a little more flexible.

In this day and age, there’s just no need to be tied to your desk.

That’s why employees love it when their company provides them with their own laptop — it signifies trust and means they can work flexible hours, or from home if needs be.

And according to anonymous employee reviews site Glassdoor, many employees prefer to be given Apple products.

Glassdoor has pulled together a list of British companies that welcome new employees with a shiny new Macbook.

This story was originally published by Glassdoor.

Betfair -- online betting


Glassdoor review: 'You can use whatever operating system you want -- MacOS, Linux, or Windows ... Developers are also involved in the full development cycle, from design implementation to integration testing, QA testing, release and maintenance.'

Reward Gateway -- employee engagement tech

Reward Gateway/Glassdoor

Glassdoor review: 'Nice shiny Macbooks and other technology training shows (that the company) is prepared to think outside the box.'

Financial Force -- cloud-based management software for companies like Salesforce.

Financial Force/Glassdoor

Glassdoor review: 'It's really cool that you're given a Mac to work on and can take home for personal use. And the company is flexible with working hours, which makes it far easier to manage things like personal appointments, or having workmen visit your house.'

Songkick -- tracks your favourite bands so you never miss them live


Glassdoor review: 'Top-notch startup-type work environment, perks and atmosphere -- Macs, couches, free food, cocktails, concerts, and pub or movie nights.'

IG -- financial trading


Glassdoor review: 'The workstations and desk space is above average and the equipment is either a Mac or HP PC running the latest OS.'

Holiday Extras -- pre-booked UK airport hotels and parking

Glassdoor/Holiday Extra
A Holiday Extra employee hard at work.

Glassdoor review: 'The place feels like home -- literally. You can wear your slippers around the office if you want to! Loads of barbecues and free lunches & The Academy - place to work on your development. Oh, and I almost forgot -- all of the employees are provided with their own Macbook so we can work flexible hours.'

Ink -- travel media


Glassdoor review: 'The development team are all pleasant, technical, skilled people and I have a shiny top of the range Macbook. There's a very flat structure and you are generally free to make your own decisions about how to implement and go about things.'

Hailo -- taxi-hailing app


Glassdoor review: 'I can only speak about the London office but the facilities (table tennis table, game consoles), equipment (Macbooks, thunderbolt displays) and provisions (free snacks, refreshments, beer etc.) all contribute to a relaxed atmosphere.'

Ensighten -- digital marketing


Glassdoor review: 'The company is very generous with benefits, for example contributing towards gym memberships, providing fruit and cereal, and arranging evenings out regularly. We're provided with good spec hardware (for developers, MacBook Pros with extra monitors, plus standing desks).'

Cloudreach -- helps businesses move to the cloud


Glassdoor review: 'Provides engineers with a work Macbook and the office features a small pool table, football and company sponsored snacks and drinks.'

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