Glam Nabs Fox Interactive Exec Trimble

Another day, another hire. Today’s addition: John Trimble, formerly SVP of ad sales at News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media division (NWS).  John will oversee “advertising sales for new audiences and markets,” according to a Glam release. As we’ve noted before, Glam is seeking to raise up to $200 million, in part because it needs to fund an ongoing hiring binge.

What does that mean? John tells us that Glam wants to branch out beyond its core fashion business and move into or expand the following verticals: Living (which launched yesterday), wellness, fitness, diet, health (prevention) and entertainment. That could mean buying, building, or both.

One note: In September, Glam CEO Samir Arora told us he had poached four sales execs from FIM, while FIM said it had only lost two; we’re assuming that John’s hire accounts for one of the missing execs. Any news on the other one?

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