Tour Glam Media, The IPO-Ready Lifestyle Company With A Glamorous Office That Towers Over San Francisco

glam mediaGlam Media’s headquarters is located at 2000 Sierra Point Parkway in Brisbane, CA.

Photo: Glam Media

Glam Media is one of the largest, digital-only lifestyle companies.Launched in 2004, it now has 244 million monthly unique visitors and nearly a $1 billion valuation.

In June 2010, Glam moved into a beautiful new high-rise building just south of San Francisco. It occupies two floors with breath-taking views and its name is stamped on the top.

Update: We said Glam was based in San Francisco—it’s actually in a suburb just south of the city proper.

There's Glam Media's headquarters on 2000 Sierra Point Parkway in Brisbane, Calif. You can't miss it on the way to the airport.

Glam has two floors in the suburban high-rise. The elevator doors here open up to the 11th floor.

When you walk into the lobby, there's no doubt you're in the right place.

Glam recently traded in its signature pink for a sleek black look. Fun fact: that couch was designed in the 1930's.

There are nearly 500 employees at Glam, up from seven in 2004.

The office spans far and wide in the high rise. Glam just expanded onto the 11th floor, so the space is still being filled out.

There are signs of the old, pink Glam throughout the office. Here an old logo lives on the fridges, which are always stocked with free food and drinks for employees.

Some more left over pink. The fashion, beauty and luxury women's verticals within Glam still very much have a feminine feel.

There's a cozy sitting area with Jasper Morrison's SIM chairs and some funky lights.

Art books are scattered throughout Glam. Design is the heart of everything at Glam, and a lot of it stems from the founders' Apple roots.

In 2008, Glam expanded beyond women-only brands and created Brash for men. The section is painted in the site's signature purple.

In 2011, Glam acquired Ning. Here's where the acquired group lives.

Foodie is Glam's vertical for food lovers and it launched in early 2012.

Conference rooms at Glam are named after distinguished designers. This one is Starck...

Here's Eames. There's also a Prada and a Versace room.

Each conference room has white board walls and tables for brainstorming.

Here's some more Japanese influence -- traditional Tokonoma and fountains and bamboo walls. It looks more like a spa than a media company.

Sticking with that theme, Glam regularly hosts Zen Therapy sessions in its Bliss Wellness centre. The centre is also used for yoga classes.

There are no cubicles at Glam. Instead, every employee has an open desk, including Arora.

One of the best parts of Glam's office is the kitchen and cafeteria. Even though there's no outdoor seating, the umbrellas and large windows give the cafeteria a picnic-like feel. The room is decorated in orange to match

There are lounge chairs for relaxing too.

In case they don't want a full sit-down meal, employees can grab snacks on the go.

Or some fruit.

There's also a game room in Glam. There's Ms. PacMan, Ping Pong and...


But the best part about Glam's office is the breathtaking view of San Francisco to the north.

It stretches for miles.

And miles over the San Francisco Bay.

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