These guys passing out condoms at the Olympics are the real heroes

It turns out, world class athletes aren’t the only heroes at the Rio Olympics. Instead, SB Nation reporter Rodger Sherman found another, more unexpected hero wandering around the games: Eric, a man whose job is to hand out condoms.

As Buzzfeed noted, Sherman spotted Eric on Sunday. The man was wearing official Rio Olympics garb and carrying a large, see-through sack of condoms  —  presumably some of the nine million sustainably produced condoms made from wild Amazon rubber trees, especially for the Olympics.

Here’s a closer look:

Olympics condomsBuda Mendes/Getty ImagesThis condom dispenser at the Rio Olympic Village has nothing on Eric.

Eric wasn’t the only man passing out rubber condoms at the games, though. A photographer from Getty spotted another similarly heroic individual, doing the exact same thing.

And so, while athletes are completing heroic feats and making Olympic history, it’s important not to forget these similarly courageous individuals. They may not be swimming or doing gymnastics, but they’re helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

All of the athletes were given condoms of their own at the start of the games  — 42 each, to be precise. No word on whether they picked up any extra condoms from Eric or his colleagues.

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