Given $5 And Two Hours, How Much Money Can You Make?

5 Dollar Bill

Given just $5 of seed money and 2 hours of time, how much money can you make?

That’s the challenge Tina Seelig presents her students in a design program at Stanford University.

In the clip below, Tina share shares the clever answer one group of her students came up with not long ago. (Scroll below the video for a spoiler.)

  • One team started a stand on campus to check bike tire presssure for free and charged $1 to refill tires. The team switched to a donation system when they realised it netted them more revenue.
  • Another team used their time to make reservations at the various busy restaurants near the university and sold back them to patrons.
  • The last team made the most money by selling their 3 minute class presentation to a local company to do recruiting.

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