GIULIANI: I Would Doubt New York Post Story About Snow Removal Slowdown

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Rudy Giuliani told Morning Joe this morning that the New York Post ‘exclusive’ about city Sanitation workers intentionally slowing down the slow removal during last month’s big blizzard as retribution over recent cuts by Bloomberg sounded off to him.

I can give you a couple of possibilities: didn’t declare a snow emergency when I think the predictions were a pretty decent amount of snow.  Didn’t get the plows out on time, sounds like. If there was a slowdown, and I’m not sure there was — I would doubt it. I know the sanitation department, it doesn’t sound right to me that there was a slow down.  But if there was a slow down, [Bloomberberg] should have picked it up.

Video below. 

For the wonks among you, he goes on to explain how the situation could have quickly, er, snowballed out of control.

You get a report every hour. the reports say how many primary streets were plowed, how many secondary streets, how many tertiary streets.  Every borough, every street, this is computerized. This isn’t guesswork anymore. You know if streets weren’t plowed.

You call an emergency ahead of time so they can remove the cars. Part of the problem was they didn’t call an emergency ahead of time so when they went to plow, cars, trucks, other things were blocking areas that had to be plowed efficiently. you can still plow it, but it doubles the amount of time to do that.  You play that out in a city of eight million people, you double the time for one truck and all of the sudden, if that’s happening with 10, it gets out of control.

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