Rudy Giuliani called Mueller's staff 'rabid Democrats' and 'sneaky, unethical leakers' after a new report said the special counsel's findings are worse than Trump claims

Fox NewsRudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, called the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators ‘leakers’ after a New York Times report.
  • In an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney, lashed out at the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators.
  • Earlier Wednesday, The New York Times reported that some on Mueller’s team think their findings have been presented in a more favourable light for Trump than is justified.
  • Giuliani called the investigators “sneaky, unethical liars” and “rabid Democrats.”
  • A battle has raged since Mueller submitted his report to the attorney general last month, with Democrats demanding to see the full, unredacted document.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, raged against “sneaky, unethical leakers” and “rabid Democrats” involved in the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday.

Giuliani was responding to a New York Times report that said some of Mueller’s investigators think their findings were more damaging to Trump than Attorney General William Barr indicated in his summary of Mueller’s report released last month.

Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Giuliani – who has suggested that Mueller’s report on his investigation into Russia’s election interference and whether Trump obstructed justice exonerates the president – called the investigators partisan hacks, a line he has often pursued.

The Times report cited government officials and others as saying that investigators had told associates that Barr was overly generous to Trump in his four-page summary of the nearly 400-page report.

Of the report, Giuliani said, “It makes the point that we’ve been making for two years: Despite all of the media reports about how holy and sanctimonious the Mueller team is, they are a bunch of sneaky, unethical leakers, and they are rabid Democrats who hate the president of the United States.”^tfw

He went on to describe the investigators as serial leakers of information.

“And I can’t tell you how much false information they leaked during the course of the investigation,” he said. “How many people are going to be indicted that didn’t get indicted? How many – how many blockbusters were there? Starting with Papadopoulos and ending with Cohen, who turns out to be a serial liar. I mean, how could you have any confidence in this?”

In a tweet late Wednesday, Giuliani renewed his attacks.

“The NYT story about unspecified troubling findings in report is as accurate as the NYT saying Mueller’s staff didn’t leak,” he said. “Who leaked this…Mueller’s unethical staff. This proves they are Angry Democrats who couldn’t find or create evidence to support collusion or obstruction.”

Giuliani’s portrayal of Mueller’s investigators as leakers is likely to baffle close observers of the investigation, who have noted how tightly its conclusions were guarded. Mueller himself delivered no public statements during the investigation.

The Department of Justice and the special counsel’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Times report and Giuliani’s claims.

Since Mueller submitted his long-anticipated report to Barr on March 22, a battle has raged between Republicans, many of whom have declared victory and said Trump is innocent, and Democrats, who have demanded to see the report in full.

Barr said Mueller found that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. Barr also said that Mueller’s report stopped short of exonerating the president and that investigators declined to reach a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice.

The Times reported that some of Mueller’s investigators were concerned that Barr’s summary will have determined the public’s understanding of the report before its release.

A source told The Washington Post in a report published early Thursday that investigators had told associates that evidence they uncovered on obstruction-of-justice allegations was “more acute than Barr suggested.”

Though he has hailed the report’s findings, Giuliani said in a CNN interview on March 26 when asked whether he agreed with Trump’s comment that Mueller acted honorably in conducting the investigation, “I would have to disagree.”

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