Girls Don't Like George Soros Like They Do Roubini


The good news is that as Nouriel Roubini’s celebrity continues to dim, stories about him getting accosted by young ladies will probably fade as well. But for now, he’s still getting plenty of female attention.

But as they say, a good economist doesn’t just look at the seen, they also focus on the unseen. Alas the good economists over at Page Six picked up on this unseen aspect at a recent event: With all the women sidling up next to Roubini, his peers are left out in the cold.

Photographer Marina Garnier reports Roubini, who predicted the economic crisis in 2006, “gave his card to all who wanted it.” Such adulation was not bestowed on George Soros, Bill Bradley and Niall Ferguson, who was booed when he slammed growing federal deficits, saying, “Well, if you want the Soviet system to come back…”

Oh, come on Niall, talking about deficits? How un-sexy is that. And Soros probably did no favour for his personal life talking about IMF special drawing rights and his theory of reflexivity.

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