A Guy Can Wear This Pink Watch And Keep His Masculinity

Chopard Gran Turismo XL

I put this question before you now: Can a man wear a pink watch and retain his masculinity? I made fun of the first guy I saw wearing a “salmon” coloured shirt.

But, today, it isn’t that uncommon. Worn properly, and in the right style, pink isn’t always out-of-place.

So I wonder, has the time come when a man can get away with wearing a pink watch?

When I write about men’s watches in white people always fight about whether they would wear them.

While one guy can easily pull off a white watch, it definitely isn’t for everyone. I expect that even fewer men would be wiling to try it with something pink. Here is what I think: If you take the right type of fairly masculine watch and make it pink, at least a few guys will be able to pull it off. Which brings me to this new-for-2011 limited edition piece from Chopard.

Apparently the wife of Chopard’s CEO wanted this to happen. It is a limited edition of 1000 piece pink version of the Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL watch. Named “Racing in Pink,” it is otherwise identical to the standard black-dialed version of this 44mm wide steel watch. Design is anything but feminine and I was brave enough to strap it to my wrist.

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