An Alleged Victim Of Hedge Funder Jeffrey Epstein's Sexual Advances Tells All

epstein andrewThe Daily Mail’s coverage of Prince Andrew’s visit back in February

Photo: The Daily Mail

A woman who was one of 17 to settle lawsuits with sex offender and former hedge funder, Jeffrey Epstein, says that Prince Andrew should be questioned by investigators.”Virginia Roberts alleged that the Royal could give ‘valuable’ insight to the FBI investigation against Epstein,” the Daily Mail reported.

Roberts was one of many who settled with Epstein out of court back in 2005 over charges of pedophilia. Investigators have suggested there may have been more than 30 victims.

Now, in recent statements to lawyers in Florida who represent some of the alleged victims,┬áRoberts has said Prince Andrew would have significant information on Epstein’s alleged criminal activity, according to the Mail:

Miss Roberts alleged that she was paid to massage Epstein and his ‘adult male peers, including royalty’ on flights around the world from the age of 15, and that she was sexually exploited during that time. There is no suggestion whatsoever that Prince Andrew was involved in any wrongdoing.

She was asked to examine a list of Epstein’s friends and identify any who would have significant information about his sexual exploitation of young girls if required to testify under oath.

Prince Andrew’s name was suggested by lawyer Jack Scarola and Miss Roberts replied: ‘Yes, he would know a lot of the truth.’

According to the Telegraph, Roberts said Epstein paid her to pleasure him and 8 of his friends.

When the Florida lawyer asked her to name the friends, she answered: “No, not at this stage. I just, some of these people are really influential in power. I’m just afraid to say it to you. I’m really scared of where this is gonna go.”

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