Girl Scouts Can Now Earn Badges For Being Money Savvy

Girl scouts

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Forget cookie sales and kumbaya—for the first time ever, girl scouts will start earning props for being savvy at the bank.

In its first badge redesign in a quarter century, the girl-championing organisation unveiled 136 new badges, including a handful of merits for personal finance achievements, according to of the new badges include “Good Credit,” “Money Manager,” “Budgeting,” and “Financing My Future.”

“Girls really want to feel financially independent,” Michelle Tompkins, a Girl Scouts USA spokeswoman, told the site. “The effect of money on every level—it’s something so prevalent right now in families, in society.”

To earn the coveted badges, the girls will have to prove their finance prowess by meeting certain goals such as talking to bank loan officers, learning about credit reports, and creating a financial plan for their future, the organisation said.

Scouts who commit to a credit plan for their lives will earn a “Good Credit” badge and for a “Financing My Future” badge, the girls are expected to lay out ambitions for their future career and salary.

The badges are all part of the historic group’s K-12 financial literacy education program, which is intended to fill a gap in early education for financial skills.

Check out’s full story on the badge redesign here.

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