The girl who went viral for staring at Michelle Obama’s portrait dressed up as her for Halloween, and perfectly recreated her outfit

This photo of Curry staring in awe at Obama’s portrait went viral in March. Ben Hines/Facebook

Remember Parker Curry, the little girl who went viral in March for this adorable photo of her staring at Michelle Obama’s portrait hanging in The National Portrait Gallery?

Well, the 3-year-old continues to be inspired by Amy Sherald’s painting of the former first lady. Curry dressed up as Obama for Halloween this year – wearing the exact same gown, and striking the exact same pose.

Curry’s mother, Jessica Curry, said that when October 31 rolled around, her daughter only had this costume in mind.

Jessica Curry told CNN, “We asked her a few times, ‘Are you sure?'” And Curry said Parker responded the same way every time: “‘Yes, I do. I want to be Michelle Obama.'”

The dress was a gift from fashion designer Alisha Welsh, according to CNN, who owns a small children’s boutique in New York called Magnolia Lake Children’s Clothing. Welsh was so inspired by Curry’s photo at the gallery that she offered to make a toddler-sized replica of Obama’s frock.

Here’s an amazing side-by-side:

Curry told CNN that some people recognised the dress while Parker was trick-or-treating. Parker loved the costume so much that she wanted to wear it the next day to school, says Curry – and there’s a good chance she’ll dress as Michelle Obama next year, too.

And as for the first lady herself? She loved the look, writing to Parker Curry on Twitter: “You nailed the look, Parker!”

Curry and her idol met back in March, after the original photo went viral. They had a dance party, and Obama gave important advice to Curry, and little girls everywhere.

“Keep on dreaming big for yourself…,” Obama tweeted, “and maybe one day I’ll proudly look up at a portrait of you!”

This is the goal of Curry’s mum, too: to teach her daughter to aspire to – and achieve – great things, much like Obama.

Curry told Buzzfeed, “In the world we live in today, I’m just trying to raise a little girl who has opportunities to see women who who look like her doing great things.”

Parker Curry is definitely on her way.


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